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Dating a girl from Mumbai can be the most economic decision a guy can make. Being a Mumbaikar they are always full of life and action. They are open, helpful and confident (You can see it in their eyes). If you are looking for a partner on whom you need not spend a lot of bucks, you got to hook up with a Mumbai girl. Try your luck with the complete package of friendly, bold, extrovert, independent Pataka Mumbaikar.

Caution: Ullu banaya to kaan k neeche rakh kar do chamaat padegi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. She is independent, bold and confident. Jesus, who won’t like such a partner?

Gone are the days when girls were addressed as delicate darlings. Now she can take care of herself and fight with full of aggression. She can earn a handsome amount of money and still love you. So, in no case you’ve to be her bodyguard, be her man and indeed you will be the luckiest guy. SAY CHEESE!!!

2. Kills it with her dressing sense. Guys, time to DROP OFF YOU JAW

Be it a saree, salwar, kameez or a tiny crop top. She can fit into all of them, no matter what the occasion is. From puffed up hair with all glossy make up, to a Sanskari Bollywood Bahu, she can be all. Being in Mumbai the city of Bollywood, page 3 starrers and slum dwellers, she has learnt it all. So, boys don’t get offended if, anybody takes a look at your PATAKAAAAAA.

3. No need of those extra bucks to visit the extravagant restaurants or splendid cafes. HELL YEAHHH!!!

Being with her, it can be the economiest relationship you are in. You can simply take your girl to Juhu Chaupati, have all the spicy golgappas and chaats. Even on weekdays, a simple vada pao with tapri ki chai after your office hours is an ideal date. So guys that does save you from a pocket hole for sure!

4. She is a born dancer. Thanks to Ganpati Bappa. You just need some grooves BRO *Dance* *Dance*

Get used to moving your ass, because she is going to make you lose yourself. She can dance at nukkad with you with the dhol of ganpati bappa maurya!!!! Or seduce you with her naughty steps at the night pub in her hot dress, and you can’t simply keep your hands off her. Yes she has got all the moves, don’t you think so?

5. No shopping malls, just the streets are a YES YES!!

She has a life beyond the expensive brands!!!! Yes, you get this extra liability of saving more money. From the childhood she has learnt bargaining and if required she can even sell you!!!!! You don’t need to take her malls. A simple street shopping is definitely a yes.... and in that too she has got an awesome taste, what do you need more???????????

6. Too many boy-“FRIENDS”. Dont get jealous they are just friends.

Being a Mumbaikar she doesn’t find much difference between a guy and a girl. It’s all same for her, so if you have a sleazy best friend attracted towards her, don’t worry she doesn’t give a damn. For her there is a always a filter. When she calls a guy friend, she really means it for Christ’s sake.

7. Yes to alcohol. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can ask your girl too, to get wasted together. From a club to a bar, to a house party to your corporate grand events, you can take her anywhere. You will never feel like a DEVDAS, because Ab To Paro Bhi Peeti Hai.

8. Roadside Romeos?? Keep calm, She will HANDLE

She has learnt her special ways to deal with roadside Romeos. Being from Mumbai she has learnt to be brave and face all the problems on her own. God swear she won’t hesitate to take her Chappals off to drag and beat the cheap teaser till he runs.

9. When she is with you, she is only with you

She has a life beyond social networking sites. She doesn’t feel the need to check in every time she goes out with you, because she prefers enjoying with you rather than showing it off online. LUCKY YOU!!!

10. Don’t have a car, not even a bike???? Not a problem dude.

She is accustomed to travel by public transport!!! Be it local trains or public buses and her favorite autowalah. Isn’t she the most adaptive person you know now!!

11. ADAPTIVE??? YESSSS Very Much

Born in such a city she has lived amidst film stars, TV stars, page3 superstars and the slum dwellers. She has seen all, and has learnt all the tricks to adapt to various situations. So she will be there with you always in any circumstance. You can’t believe it, right???

12. She is GENUINE.

She is the best company to have. She is fun, bold and yet elegant with poise. Stand up and try getting her. And if fate has it, we’re sure you won’t regret your choice!!!!! GO AHEAD

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